• Pick Up & Drop Off : Le Havre Port
  • DDay American Sector Tour : Point du Hoc, Omaha Beach, American Cemetery & Visitor Center
  • Duration : 9hrs (2hrs drive from Le Havre to the DDay Beaches, 5hrs tour on site, 2hrs drive back to the ship)
  • Exclusive tour for your group only your own private vehicle.
  • The indicated pricing is for the whole group and not per person.

During this tour, we can also do either the Canadian Sector or British Sector. Please indicate this under your ‘Special Requirements’.

Canadian Sector : Juno Beach and Center, Canadian House, Canadian Cemetery

British Sector : Pegasus Bridge, Sword Beach, Gold Beach, Mulberry Harbor, Commonwealth Cemetery

If you have any specific requests to follow family history, please don’t hesitate to contact us.